Sun and the city (the ritual)


Goals: Golden skin all winter long






Step one for a sane trip: don’t panic and don’t toss in the suitcase whatever you have in plain sight -you’re gonna regret each one of the extra pieces you’re never gonna wear! Take a breath, think of this year’s top choices and your personal type and bring on those KEY-pieces! So, THE ESSENTIALS!

SWIMWEAR: The one-piece has made a huge comeback the past years and is extremely flattering, but let’s face it it’s not thaaat practical, so a girl has to also carry her bikini on board. I’m bringing with me both just in case. (Hint: I wear my swimsuit with a pair of wide trousers or a wrap skirt for an early-or a late- drink)

Prints and styles? Whatever makes you happy! But I have to say I’m all about the stripes as always, plus the monochrome is my favorite look (in black, red, white or even green-I love my greens!). Here’s what I picked from my shopping trip to Women’Secret and these beauties are coming with me to the islands!



BEACH BUDDIES: First of all, we need a hat, or many hats! It’s the only way to survive the sun and stay at the beach all day and add more mystery to the look! Find here .

The bag is a major one, as well.. Unfortunately they are never enough, so for this vacay invest in a big beach bag to have room for all your creams and towels and clothes etc to carry around.

Personal favorite metallic thread beach tote


The shoes! It’s always about the shoes after all. I do skip the flippers that are ok only for the beach or the pool and I start the day wearing a pair of sandals, suitable for the beach AND the after walk! Pesonal favorites buckled sandals.

Counting days for the next get away!







J.W.ANDERSONIn case you were searching all over the net for that perfect sleevetop, I might have found the perfect candidate. Sleeves, ruffles, zippers, stripes AND sales!? Sounds like the drrreamy- dreamy top of the season. I’m gonna need it to keep me warm at windy island nights.



CRAZY CURLES NO MORE (Steampod has landed!)


Let’s get to the important stuff. Got this one for u!

So I’m giving away this hair tool that stole my heart: one Steampod by L’Oreal Professionnel  + it’s very own styling & glossy set of products with pro-keratine for best results (straightening aaand hair protection)!

To win the Steampod set connect via Facebook:  1. Like theberrybook   2. Like and Share the Facebook photo  3. Comment mentioning two friends.

Will be on until 27.7, 12am. Go and get it!

GOING STRAIGHT (survive the summer)


Summer, you know how much I love you but our relationship would be so much easier if you didn’t cause me the frizzy hair.

I’m not the kind of gal that spends all my time in front of the bathroom mirror, however I could never say no to a good hair day, especially when I’m on a vacay.

Therefore, this season something had to be done, so I brought in the big guns.

I gave the L’Oreal Professionnel STEAMPOD tool a go. Yes, there is steam involved.. Crazy? 

So, on my latest excursion a had this baby with me.. I had used straightening irons and stuff before but they had been harsh on my hair and their effect wore off after a few hours. However this one (it felt like it was because of the steam) gave me silky straight hair without any effort. And total time? Five minutes, tops! Also on the plus side, hair never felt softer, not to mention that while mine are pretty damaged because of the highlights, this one didn’t seem to harm them at all, AND it has some amazing protection steampod products with pro-keratine, for illuminating effects (I used them all)!

My frizzy hair and I had to part ways eventually! (e v e n t u a l l y !)

Keep in touch because I’m giving away one STEAMPOD! Wait till you try it. You tell me.

Steampod by L’Oreal Professionnel FIND HERE